What’s the Purpose of an Awards Ceremony?

How to Get the Most Out of Your Awards Ceremony

Awards ceremonies are a great way of gathering like-minded people into one area and creating a community to celebrate and acknowledge people in your industry. But how do you ensure that your event is a success?

The secret is memorability. You want your guests to leave exhilarated and elated having experienced an event like no other. This is where our experienced team come in. From impressive stage design to jaw-dropping entertainment, we will work with you to create an unforgettable experience for you and your attendees.

Content is Key

Once the bubbly is flowing and the awards are in full swing, the last thing you want is your guests clock watching or starting their own independent conversations. Using emotive video content alongside the speeches will keep your guests’ attention whilst creating an interesting talking point for the host, not to mention the branding opportunity that the screens would allow for.

Whilst on the subject of branding opportunities…

Whether you are hosting an awards dinner, lunch or even a breakfast, there are a myriad of ways to add your branding throughout. From bespoke lighting projection to a step and repeat press walls; your Production Manager will work with you to ensure you’re making the most of the branding opportunities available.

Location, Location, Location

Selecting the right venue for your awards ceremony is vital. Not only do you need to consider capacity and accessibility, but you’ll need to bear in mind the suppliers associated with the venue. Some venues may work exclusively with some suppliers and others may simply recommend their preferred suppliers.

Get in touch with the Beagle Team!

If you’re wanting to host the perfect, memorable awards ceremony that’s guaranteed to ‘wow’ the attendees, then get in touch with the Beagle team or read about how we crafted the perfect award ceremony for a finance company looking for a night to remember here.

Conference and Awards Ceremony

Our Client, provide some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions with a skilled workforce of 93,100 people in around 40 countries. They chose Beagle Create to produce their annual leadership conference and the first following some exciting restructuring and acquisitions.

There would be multiple days of presentations with detailed slides and bold videos all closed with an awards ceremony. They wanted something impactful that didn’t give their delegates presentation fatigue and brought this yearly event back with a bang.

Held at The Grove Hotel – London’s Country Estate, we were challenged with transforming the event space so that 200 delegates could all see the slides and video content. We designed a solution which not only delivered uncompromised views for every delegate but cut through the abundance of natural light flooding into the amber suite.

A 22-metre (roughly the length of two London busses) high-res super widescreen LED video wall was installed. It included three straight sections of LED, all linked with curved sections cunningly molded behind the pillars.  Everyone could see everything, with ease – mission accomplished.

Since this event was their 1st business anniversary as the new Digital Intelligence brand, they were open to rethinking the format of their awards evening and Beagle Create offered up an experience of how things might flow better for them and deliver a better experience to their guests.

After a long day and a large meal, we wanted to bring the energy levels up, ready for the awards ceremony so we commissioned a 5-piece LED drumming flashmob to perform. They were not only loud, visually stunning and slightly strange to look at, but interacted with the audience and closed their act to a huge round of applause.

A Night to Remember for a Finance Company

This financial advisory firm is based all over the globe and supports individuals in meeting medium and long-term financial goals.

They came to us with one ambition: give their team the best night of their life!

This included probably one of the best requests we’ve ever had – their CEO wanted to be flown over his guests before landing on stage.

The awards ceremony, held in Grosvenor House Hotel, London, began with an opulent Champagne reception for the 500 guests. This was followed by a seven-course meal with roaming close up entertainers circulating tables. Comedian Jimmy Carr had everyone in histerics (with the occasional ouch) and our opening sequence included a bespoke performance by a ultra-violet aerial hoop act, acrobatics, a stunning dance troop and framed perfectly by a Beagle lighting, laser, special effects & graphics production.

Once the CEO had made his spectacular entrance and presented the awards, the after party got started with performances from Girls International and rugby legend James Haskell Djing with dancing continuing into the early hours.

We were responsible for every detail of the event from booking the talent, lighting, staging, set and providing the LED video screen to organizing custom centrepieces for the tables.

With panto season in full swing, and only two weeks notice, sourcing the required equipment for the flying stunt was challenging – but one we smashed with our awesome partners in crime and leaning on some long term relationships.

What Is a Comfort Monitor and Why You Might Need One

What is a Comfort Monitor?

A Comfort Monitor, sometimes referred to as a confidence monitor, is a single or multiple display that sits within view of the presenter but not the audience, allowing the presenter to keep track of where they are in the presentation without breaking eye contact with the audience. Some presenters like multiple screens with the same or different content on – the next slide is a popular option along with notes. Countdown timers are also a good choice so they can clearly see how long they have left…or have run over!

The purpose of these aids is to give the presenter the tools to deliver a great presentation – we want them focused on their delivery, not concentrating on remembering their slide and whats coming next. They’re a great convenience for people onstage especially presenters who might not be used to presenting or are nervous. When you don’t get ahead of yourself and can link seamlessly to your next slide you deliver a cohesive presentation, one which the audience can follow easily.


Why do you need a Comfort Monitor?

Used at events with where presenters have visual content, such as a conferences or award ceremonies, speakers are given comfort and confidence, helping them to look polished. Seeing the next slide allows the presenter to give a seamless flowing presentation. The speaker is able to maintain a connection with the audience through eye contact and body language without breaking the flow of their presentation to check a larger screen behind them for the next cue.

What does a Comfort Monitor look like?

The comfort monitor is private to the speaker and is unseen by the audience due to its neatly finished angled hides and being dressed and finished in the same colours as the stage. Alternatively they can be placed at eye level behind or above the audience. All cables needed are discreetly hidden and risk free.

What other things does Beagle Create offer for presenter comfort?

We offer extensive presenter packages that can include:

  • Professional clickers
  • Auto cues
  • Programmable clocks and countdown timers
  • Lecterns
  • Drinks and hospitality packages

Read about how we delivered an impactful conference for an international finance company in the iconic venue The Shard or if you’re planning a conference or an awards ceremony yourself, contact us today.

Hybrid Awards Ceremony

This international finance company required a hybrid awards ceremony for hundreds of in-person attendees as well as many more around the world watching via a live stream.

The prestigious event was held at Aqua The Shard, London, an impressive venue that comes with some unique challenges. We overcame them and received one of the best compliments you can hope for in this industry.

This financial company required a hybrid awards ceremony with guests in-person, that would also be streamed to virtual attendees internationally. They wanted something impressive and chose to host it at Aqua The Shard in London.

The client is based abroad and wouldn’t be in the country leading up to the event. After the initial brief we had minimal contact with the client – the logistics, plan and details were in our hands.

We were happy to take on all in-person responsibilities so the planning could go ahead. In their absence we chose the menus, arranged the food tasting with the venue and took care of every detail, down to the flowers and branded bar coasters.

The Shard – although a fantastic venue – did come with its challenges. There is very minimal storage space and limited access to the building. Naturally with such a prestigious venue there were rules to follow. We had tight build times and ‘tools-down’ intervals of four hours. Even the shape of The Shard can be challenging to work with as it isn’t square or symmetrical.

Renault Arkarna Car Launch

Ignition – Renault’s training partner – needed a covid-safe product launch that would live up to the innovative Arkana. Despite not having any in-person attendees and having limited studio space we delivered with an engaging and impactful virtual event. Read how below.

Ignition are a multi-award-winning specialist automotive agency, counting Renault UK as one of their client partners. They asked us to work with us to produce the UKJ product launch of Renault’s all new Arkana, voted UK’s Best Hybrid Car (when/by whom).

The event took place during covid restrictions which meant we were challenged with how to create an engaging product launch without having any in-person attendees.

To achieve a covid-safe product launch we worked closely with the Ignition team to create an interactive virtual event. It would be streamed live to the Renault dealer network so viewers could ask questions from home and have them answered in real-time – as if they were there in person.

During the event the car would be presented via a live stream to a virtual audience. Part of our remit was to design the studio this would take place in. It needed to be attractive for the viewers at home and deliver a dynamic look and feel; matching up to the innovative product Ignition were presenting.

We needed to come up with a solution which would deliver for the viewers and logistically work in Ignition’s chosen location of the Concept Building at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire. Taking into account social distancing for our team, presenters and clients, we needed to plan to the millimeter. We did this prior to the event using our CAD software and from this produced photographic-like visuals for our client to truly see what we can achieve for them.

The livestream took place three times a day over three days – and simply nothing could go wrong once we were live. But some careful planning, a few site visits, a team effort from us, our client Ignition and the venue and we were there.

The result was an impressive virtual event that showcased Renault’s all new product to the public, despite restrictions, in an interactive and engaging way.